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The Dynamic Week


This group meets every week. It comprises of severely disabled young people who are all P.M.L.D. This means that they have multiple disabilities and special needs. This group is very heavily staff intensive because of the high level of need of the youngsters attending. The staff has many tasks to perform including changing and feeding. Some of the youngsters suffer from epilepsy and drug treatment has to be administered by trained staff.

The group work on developing the senses of the youngsters, with action and reward toys and with many sensory stimulation toys and apparatus; they also, enjoy regular trips to the park.


This group meets every other Tuesday and is split into Juniors and Seniors. The groups consist of children between the ages of 8 to 10 and 10-12. They meet to enjoy play, fun and friendship. Basic skills of turn taking, sharing and encouraging them through play and craft activities.


This group comprises of youngsters aged between 12 and 15 years of age. They are a lively group with many and varied interests. The time is spent on a variety of activities such as going out in the community, a personal care projects, games and activities. All the activities are geared to increasing the skills of young people to enable them to become more independent e.g. money handling, road safety & personal safety.


This group comprises young people aged from 16 to 19 years of age. Like Wednesday, they also take part in activities that will increase their skills and enable them to become moreindependent. This helps their self-esteem and confidence.


Friday is a new group that started in September, they meet every week. It is comprised of around 11 young people between the ages of 14 -17 that are more independent . This group works on developing the integration of the young people into the community. They enjoy trips out to bowling, the cinema or to local play areas. They also take part in more structured activities such as cookery and sports to promote independence.


This group meets on alternate Saturdays with the aim of enabling youngsters with disabilities to go into town to do things that other teenagers and under 25’s do such as choosing their own CD’s, cosmetics, snacks, games, window-shopping, etc. Visits to local beauty spots, attractions, country parks, etc. The group plays an active part in determining their own programme.

Summer Programmes 

The five week summer Programme scheme provides out of school activities for a record number of children and young people, and is based over 3 sites.The Scheme at Bradbury House runs for 5 days of the week with young people between the ages of 8-19 attending once a week. The programme is extremely successful with the young people taking part in activities such as canoeing, trips to football grounds, pamper days and visits to the Wingate centre.Another scheme operates from Y-Canol – a unit within Ysgol Heulfan, Gwersyllt. The activity based scheme provides care for young people with complex healthcare needs and multiple disabilities. The activities are based around developing the senses. Activities include baking, craft, bubble blowing and badge making. Dynamic also runs a summer scheme for nine children based at All Saint’s school, catering for the needs of those younger children who are very high on the autistic spectrum. The activities include a ball pool and a bouncy castle. Lots of paint and glue craft activities are also used. The group enjoys trips out to: Llangollen to the adapted play park, The Ice cream farm, Silly Barts, Visit to Local Park and a trip to Chester Zoo.